9 Silver Linings During Lockdown To Be Thankful For

I talked on 9 silver linings during lockdown to be thankful for due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
9 Silver Linings During Lockdown

This post is inspired by Geraldine’s post that you can read below.

My Silver Linings During Lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic literally ruined everyone.

People are dying, businesses going bankrupt, people are given unpaid leaves till an unknown period or worse, terminated with immediate notice. And, school closures resulted in the disparity between students with access to the internet/computer and those without.

Quoting people on Twitter, 2020 is canceled.

However, amidst all the bad things that happen, there are silver linings during this lockdown that I’m so grateful for.

       9 Silver Linings During Lockdown To Be Thankful For

Rainbow Clear Sky

Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash

  • I still have a job

I couldn’t stress how grateful I am to have a job. My company is an IT company, so our operation is not affected compared to the tourism and aviation industry so no one is losing a job yet.

Some of my friends did and it is sad how tough everyone is doing financially wise. Malaysia already has a problem with terribly low wages among fresh graduates so the majority probably won’t have enough savings to survive until they get a new job.

  • No need to drive

No more traffic jams to brace over in the morning and evening. #blessed

  • Working in the comfort of home

Work from home; Silver Linings During LockdownPhoto by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash

A great privilege that can be easily taken for granted.

My Work Station

I have a room where I can set up my work station. A stable internet connection. An annoying sister that surprise, surprise would bring me breakfast when I’m working.

Breakfast while working from home

One of the breakfasts that is cooked by my sister

  • Can work wearing comfortable clothes or just PJs and no one would bat an eye


  • Less money spent on eating outside

  • To waste it on online shopping and GrabFood/FoodPanda

I’ve bought so much stuff from Shopee/FoodPanda and my bank account is crying.

sailormoon crying

Can I stop?


  • Trying new recipe

My siblings and I have been trying new recipes during lockdown and one of the easiest recipe that we’ve tried making is Carbonara Spring Rolls. You only need 4 ingredients and this tasty spring roll is yours to eat!

carbonara spring rolls recipe; Cooked carbonara spring rolls

Do noty let this poor photo quality cloud your judgment! It’s yummy!

  • Praying together with my family

  • Losing weight

I actually lose 3kgs after coming back to Malaysia.

That sounds impressive, right?

  • But then, I gained 2kgs in a month

Losing weight is hard.

Hope; Silver Linings During Lockdown

Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash

I hope that the Covid-19 pandemic would be over soon. Statistics wise, the Malaysian government has been handling the pandemic successfully. From 8,668 confirmed cases, 8,476 recovered which credit goes to our hardworking frontliners – the doctors, nurses, policemen, etc.

You guys are awesome!

So, how everyone’s doing? Is the lockdown over or things are getting better? If yes, tell me on your silver linings during the Covid-19 lockdown on the comment below!


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