Influenza, Snow In Tokyo And A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

I have an announcement to make.

I have just officially recovered from influenza.


I started feeling unwell from Monday (a headache and sore throat) but I figured it must be Monday blues like usual which me not wanting to go to work but have to because I’m an adult who needs to support myself and pay taxes and fulfill my obligation as an upright citizen. 


However, on Wednesday, I woke up sweating bullets despite it being winter and my face feel so hot like someone put a face steam machine right in front of my face. The weird thing is that my body is freezing.

A uni me would 100% skip out of class but an adult me has no choice to do so as I don’t want to use my paid leaves but I ended up coming back to home early anyway and used all of my paid leaves.


So what is the point of me telling all of you this?

Being sick is such an eye-opener on how blessed I’m to have good physical health. Who knows that living with a healthy body without any serious illness and spinning headache, sore throat and flu are WONDERFUL which we ungrateful human being always failed to realize how extremely blessing it is.

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So I’m back to work and life is still shit but I’m healthy and thriving.

A little influenza prevention tips.

  • Wear mask ALL THE TIME (especially when you’re using the train in peak hours). So many ‘black’ = evil companies in Japan not allowing people to take an off day even if you’re diagnosed with influenza thus ended up spreading it to others. The influenza outbreak is getting worse every year and it seems like no one taking note on how to prevent the outbreak to spread. A woman died last month due to falling off the railway track due to having a severe headache and the diagnosis report stated that the poor woman shows sign of having influenza. #RIP
  • Wash your hands regularly. Who knows how many germs and bacteria you touch in public places? A lot.
  • Get an influenza vaccine shot
  • Dress warm

On a side note, Tokyo weather has been weird lately. It’s like super cold in a week 0-5 degree Celsius and shot to 17 degrees for a day and bam it’s snowing today (2019/02/09). I’ve been wondering when will it snow in Tokyo because I’m dying to take beautiful photos of everything covered with a pile of white carpet but I don’t put high hopes as it RARELY snows in Tokyo.

As someone who is born and grew up in a tropical country which weather is  either scorching hot or heavy rain blasting on your roof, seeing snow would almost make me excited and happy until I experience myself how inconvenient it could be to clean all the snow and how easy it is to slip on the ice when I went to a ski trip to Nagano for a week.

But I still want snow but only just for 1-2 days.

Have A Cup Of Hot Chocolate Quotes

Now I’m chilling in my futon bed with a cup of hot chocolate at my side while writing this blog post and it feels so satisfying. Life is good. Anyway, here’s a few photos of snow in Tokyo that I took from my apartment window because I’m lazy to go out.


So do guys love snow because I LOVE SNOW!


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