5 Tips To Travel Safely In The Pandemic

Hi everyone! Welcoming you to my easy 5 tips to travel safely in the pandemic.

I don’t know about you guys, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been living at home since March 2020. My company adopted the work from home policy, and as an introvert, I’m not gonna lie. I LOVE BEING AT HOME.


2 years! I’ve spent my supposedly glorious days without doing nothing much at home except to work and studying for master degree.

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Speaking about my master degree, please pray for me because doing research makes me realise how dumb I am.

Anyway, 2 years being at home means 2 years not traveling anywhere. I miss traveling.

I miss feeling confused on what to bring during a trip.

I miss walking around the streets without wearing a mask.

I miss trying a new food from the local stall hawkers.

I miss being at the airport and sleeping overnight on the plane.

I miss everything about traveling.

Looking at the number of positive Covid-19 cases so far, the trend has showed decreasing number of cases these past months, and the government has also lift the lockdown restriction. It’s time to be back to normal, so I’ve been researching on any tips to travel safely in the pandemic. I hope these tips will benefit you too!

5 Tips To Travel Safely In The Pandemic

1. Use own car and avoid public transport

people inside airport
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Using public transport increases the risk of being exposed to the virus. Hence, I think it will be safer if people can avoid using public transport and opting for own transportation. If you don’t have a car like me LOL, renting a car is also good because lots of services offer discounts during the pandemic.

Tips: If you cannot avoid using public transport, remember to keep your mask on and sanitize regularly

2. Do a regular testing throughout the traveling period

5 Tips To Travel Safely In The Pandemic
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The self-test kit is being sold both online and offline so remember to get yourself tested before, during and after traveling.

For your information, the self-test kit can be bought for around RM5-7.

3. Try avoiding crowded places

people standing on road beside market and high rise buildings
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You might be wondering, what kind of advice is this?

But hear me out. There are actually quite a lot of hidden and unique places so do some research and try avoiding crowded places like Cameron Highland. I saw a video on TikTok where tons of people are seen lining to enter one attraction there. And due to heavy rain nowadays, there is landslides happening so plan your travel destination wisely.

4. Go travel on weekdays

Compared to the weekends, people travel less on weekdays. I love traveling on weekdays. The price is cheaper, less people and same beautiful view that you can enjoy.

5. Choose fully vaccinated hotels

The last crucial tips I can give is to choose hotels where the workers are fully vaccinated. Of course, just being vaccinated doesn’t mean that you’re totally safe from being infected but it lessen the risk of getting one. If you went to Traveloka’s website for example, they have added a new category called ‘fully vaccinated’, thus makes it easier to find the perfect hotel for your stay.

Actually, I’m looking for a trip to Langkawi and chill at a nice private resort and here are some nice hotels in Langkawi that I found.

Tips: Many hotels are currently offering big discounts to attract more visitors to their place not just hotels in Langkawi like hotel Penang so don’t forget to grab your hotel promo link here.

Fully vaccinated hotels recommendation:

  • Berjaya Hotel Langkawi
fully vaccinated hotels recommendation
fully vaccinated hotels recommendation

I love this hotel! Imagine waking up with a sea view. And I like the fact that the hotel doesn’t look like the traditional hotel with one gian building but instead small huts. More privacy and the interior is quite good.

  • Ambong Rainforest Resort
fully vaccinated hotels recommendation
fully vaccinated hotels recommendation

Another favourite of mine is the Ambong Rainforest Resort. Look at the view that you will get if you stay there. Having a bath in that gorgeous view might give me some inspiration for my research.

That’s all from me and I hope you guys have a safe travel journey!


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