Food Review | 4 Fingers + Secret Recipe

I’m in the middle of writing a lengthy blog post of a complete Seoul, South Korea travel guide and I figured that I couldn’t finish written the post by today so here’s a post of delicious food review that I’ve eaten from 4 Fingers and Secret Recipe.

Food Review | 4 Fingers + Secret Recipe
Food Review | 4 Fingers + Secret Recipe

4 Fingers Food review

4 Fingers Shop Front
4 Fingers Shop Front

4 Fingers are one of the viral chicken restaurants specialise in Korean fried chicken and the taste is yummy finger-licking good!

I went to 4 Fingers at Bangi and the good thing about the restaurant is how easy to access the place is and of course, lots of parking.

I ordered 12 pieces of fried chicken with rice and I feel so full eating them. I wish they have kimchi or better vegetable selection as the salad looks meh.

Price-wise, not bad for a Korean food restaurant but its definitely not cheap.

Close-up of Korean Fried Chicken
Close-up of Korean Fried Chicken

The chicken is spicier than what I expected but

Spicy food is delicious food


Secret Recipe Food Review

A long-lasting cake and fusion food restaurant in Malaysia to the point that people associate cake = Secret Recipe.

Well, at least it is to me.

I rarely eat at the restaurant as I dislike desserts or sweet things in general but Secret Recipe’s chocolate cheesecake is an exception. And last week, after my dental appointment, I went there for lunch because what else is better than eating sweet things after hearing the news that you need minor oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal.

#help #i_am_scared

Choc Berry Cheese Cake
Choc Berry Cheese Cake

It’s actually my first time eating Choc Berry Cheesecake and I LOVE IT! Maybe because the taste is not too sweet and the berry sauce balanced the sweetness of chocolate and cheese.

Would definitely buy again.

I also ordered a Chicken Chop? (question mark because I don’t know the menu name) and a Carbonara pasta I assume with some beef strips.

The taste is not bad but it is not something that I would give 5 stars to.

Secret Recipe's Chicken chop
Secret Recipe’s Chicken chop

Close-up of the chicken to torture my lovely readers.

Anyway, if you have any good restaurants to recommend do tell because I love FOOD! And please pray that I could finish my Seoul travel guidepost by this week. 


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