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If you want to get your favourite Japan stuff but you’ve no IDEA at all how to do so because you don’t speak or read the Japanese language, this post is for YOU!

p/s: This is an English version of the article “Cara Beli Barang Dari Jepun Dengan Zen Market“.

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is coping well with this Covid-19 pandemic because I know that I’m barely surviving. I feel like my 2 years are wasted, staying at home, watching the screen. I miss going to the shopping mall and eating outside.

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Anyway, back to the main topic, people have been asking me where do I get my Japanese textbooks or Japanese manga and my answer will be Amazon Japan.

But the catch is, not all items, you can get from Amazon Japan because:

  • some sellers don’t ship internationally 
  • and if they do, they don’t ship the items to your country
  • or, the item you need is not available in English
cries in international

So introducing Zen Market.

What is Zen Market?

get your favourite Japan stuff

Zen Market is a website for anyone who resides outside Japan where you can purchase anything that you want from ALMOST ALL Japanese websites. 

For example:

  • Yahoo! Auction
  • Rakuten (Japanese version of Shopee, well, sort of)
  • Amazon Japan
  • any major brands

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Let’s say you want to get your favourite manga or Jpop album, you can get yours from Zen Market. The best thing is, you can put your bid on Yahoo Auction. So at Yahoo Auction, you can get things you want to for a much cheaper price. As long as you win the bid. 

Most Japanese auctioneers don’t speak English and some may refuse to deal with foreigners but with Zen Market, they will help you to place a bid on the stuff that you want.

G-shock watch is considerably cheaper if you bought it from Japan directly. 

How to buy an item

To buy an item, just follow the following guide. You can simply paste the URL of the things that you want and then get the quote.

Zen market, how to buy an item

How to bid at Yahoo! auction

Zen Market, how to bid at Yahoo! auction

To summarise, Zen Market is a great website where you can get your favourite Japan stuff without the language barrier.

Happy shopping and stay safe!


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