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What else is good to post when you went on a blogging break for 2 weeks aside from a blog tag, right?

I found the tag from Kristina’s blog, a book blogger @ Books & Dachshunds who writes amazing discussion posts that you can enjoy reading even though you’re not a book blogger.

Originally, this is a blog tag designed for book bloggers but as I am not one, I change it up a little bit.

Are you a book blogger?

Nope, but I adore them because they’re the living proofs of what I couldn’t do. I’m suck terrible at giving book reviews and my review would probably be written like this

‘Good. Would re-read again.’




My reviews would 100% include spoilers as my impatient self-doesn’t have enough patience to read until the end to know the ending. This is something that my friend couldn’t understand but I guess people are different and there are probably lots of people like me that absolutely loves spoilers, right?

Image result for nervous cute gif

Me looking for people who like spoilers

Do you have 100 or more followers?

Hmm, let’s see.

Bloglovin – 112

WordPress – 88

E-mail – 10

Bloggers – 1409

Google + – 108

Been a blogger since 14, I’ve realised that having more followers don’t necessarily mean much and it wouldn’t necessarily equate to higher blog stats and engagement eg; comments. And I bet 99.9% of my followers don’t even read my blog. Some of them like from Bloggers probably have long abandoned their account LOL.

Do you blog daily?

Umm, no.

I’m terrible at updating my blog. My previous blog that I kept for 4 years only have like 60 no.of posts because


But throughout this year, I’ve managed to post 13 blog posts and that’s such a huge accomplishment for a procrastinator like myself.

Not to mention that I’ve graduated college and started working full time #HelloAdulting but I still somehow managed to keep up my blogging game.

Do you read other blogs daily?

I love reading blogs. My day wouldn’t be complete without reading one. Majority of my blog reading comes from blogs that I followed either on Bloglovin, Blogger and WordPress. Sometimes I’d stalk Blogger Twitter Chats to find new blogs to read and everyone blog is so beautifully designed that my eyes are blessed. 


Beautiful blogs deserve praise for their efforts.

Do you comment on lots of blog posts?

I’d usually comment back on the blog post of someone who commented on mine but it usually would take maybe a week or two because I procrastinate a lot. Opps.

Do you use Social Media for your blog?

of course. This is my Twitter that I used to stalk people, Instagram to bless all of you with aesthetically taken pictures, Pinterest to waste time and Quora – a heaven site for readers who want to gain more knowledge on basically everything.

Do you have authors on your blog?

Nope. So far the blog solely belongs to me and I don’t plan to take on any coauthors because this is a personal blog. A guest post would be awesome tho. If someone’s interested in guest posting in my blog just hit me up in any of my social media accounts.

I welcome all of you. *No ads post, please

Are you a grammar Nazi?

Nah, not qualified to become one. But my eyes hurt when I see people write blog posts in short form.

Are you plain, vanilla, boring and bland?


Are you a follower of the power of positivity and are always positive?

I’m more of a realist but I like positivity and would try to surround myself with one because living in a foreign country alone, it’s really easy to succumb to depression when you get home and there’s no one to talk to. I don’t need any more negativity in my life, thank you. 

Do you think that everyone is equal within the blogger community?

Umm, no. Not at all. Domain, hosting, prettier blog design, taking flat lay photos – all of that cost money. Of course, blogging is free but the access towards books and events (for book blogging community) is pretty much geared towards the US and their neighbour countries. 

Plus, to take flat lay photos you need to have at least a phone that equipped with a camera so for someone who is not as fortunate it’ll be a bit hard if they want to take blogging as a career professionally.

Are you and your blog awesome?


Can’t you see my fabulous beautifully designed blog? I make efforts on mine so obviously, I’m awesome.

Do you see yourself as being a pillar of the blogger community and setting a good example for bloggers?

Wow. This is such a deep question that I never thought of.

I blog because I love to. It has been a part of my life for so long that even though I would take an occasional break from blogging I’ll always come back. But a pillar? And a good example? I’m the exact opposite of what bloggers would aspire to.

Anyway, it’s a wrap and if you guys want to the tag just feel free to do so.

    1. Thank you x Hahaha. My English is not bad but it wouldn’t something that I’ll considered good either lol

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