August Recap Feat Nippon Sushi Kajang, FoodPanda And GrabFood Delivery

August Recap feat Nippon Sushi Kajang, FoodPanda and GrabFood delivery

August Recap

Join me with my August recap feat one of my favourite things in the world – food! Featuring Nippon Sushi Kajang, FoodPanda and GrabFood delivery review.


For blogging, August has been great to me. I’ve achieved my highest page view to date! Congratulations to myself!


Been busy with work and studying for my Chinese exam (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi aka HSK). I initially plan to skip HSK1 (the lowest level) and went straight to sit for HSK3 test but I figured that I need to master the basic first.

Wish me luck!


The best part of my life in August is FOOD!

So Nippon Sushi – my No.1 favourite sushi place has just opened a new branch in Kajang and as a fan, I went there on their opening day. #dedication


Nippon Sushi Kajang

Nippon Sushi Kajang

I’m not going into details but the sushi is as delicious as always. The shop is more spacious than the one in Bangi and the best thing is nearby my home.

FoodPanda and GrabFood Delivery

I’m working from home but that doesn’t mean that I’ve time to cook for lunch. Thanks to FoodPanda and GrabFood delivery, I can try various restaurants to eat for lunch. My favourite restaurants for August is Sushi King, another sushi place with delicious main set.

Comparison between foodPanda and GrabFood

As an avid user of both apps, I prefer FoodPanda more due to their fabulous chat support. The cons of food delivery are sometimes the restaurant will you give the wrong order or missing items.

FoodPanda handled the problem fast, and the problem is settled in less than 3 minutes. While for GrabFood, it took me a week and it wasn’t until I contact Grab on Twitter that my case is solved. Minus point for Grab for using email as the customer support tool.

Anyway, how was your August? Is it good or meh?

  1. August was okay for me because semester ended in July and I do need all the rest I can get! But yeah well its alrd October and classes start class next week. Wish me luck!

  2. congrats on the high views on your blog! im getting there too and its just a super wonderful feeling <3
    youre so lucky you have amazing food options where you live.
    in america our basic delivery food options are burgers/ just basically fast food! its hard to find filling food like you what you have there. the sushi looks seriously so amazing!
    thanks for sharing <3

    1. Thank you! It feels good when you see your blog views increasing 😜
      I didn’t know that the us only has fast food for delivery. We have everything here. Even boba tea and bread 😂. But it still depends on where you live. I’m lucky because my place has lot of eateries nearby.

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