2018 August In Retrospect My Love For Muji Stationery

2018 August In Retrospect My Love For Muji Stationery

2018 August In Retrospect | My Love For Muji Stationery

August was a hot month. Going out to work with face full of sweats it’s not exactly what I like how my day would be but adulting has never been easy so the first day in Summer, I stick a cool fever sheet at my neck, my stomach and the back of my body. It’s safe to say that it didn’t work.

I’m just trying to be creative.

On a side note, I couldn’t believe that it’s September now means only 4 months away from the end of 2018.

Image result for what gif
Higashi Ginza station

4 months in the working life makes me appreciated how much freedom and time I had when I was in university. I’m glad that I managed to at least ticked of half of my to-do list before graduating because when you’re working from 9 to 6 with only weekends as your free me time (I still need to work in Saturday in certain months), finding time for travelling or meet-ups would be difficult.


During Obon Holiday; a Japanese Buddhist custom to honour the spirits of one’s ancestors (source: Wikipedia), I went to Hokkaido to escape Tokyo’s I’m melting heat. Delicious food, breathtaking view and cool weather – I love Hokkaido.

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in a sea of sunflowers


himawari no sato hokkaido

I look so small among the sea of flowers

closeup shot of sunflower

I’m obsessed with the cute bright colour of stationery; coloured pens, highlighters, notebooks – I love them all. Whenever I went to Tokyu Hands, Loft or Itoya I’ll unconsciously go to the stationery section and put beautifully designed notebooks that I know I wouldn’t use into my cart but I tried.

Recently, I’ve been into Muji (despite living here for 5 years, I’ve never set my foot in Muji lol) and has fallen in love with their much simpler notebooks and binder stuff.

Can you hear it? The sound of my wallet crying.

Apparently, their skincare is pretty good too so I bought myself one of their toners. 


In term of blogging, I’ve been pretty consistent. Something that my younger ‘I have so much free time but I’m lazy’ self couldn’t relate.


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  1. Hi Rasya! I always love reading your monthly wrap-ups posts — you’re always so thoughtful and your pictures are so aesthetic, I love your posts so so much 😊 And I agree, Muji is amazing, especially with its minimal and simple color scheme and designs. I don’t want to make your wallet cry even more, but if you want to start a journal, I would definitely recommend getting one of the cardboard binders and buy your own refillable paper — that way, you can move your planner sheets around and not have to rip pages out like in regular journals.

    Anyways, I hope work doesn’t get too stressful for you & that you take time to relax and read! (Your post always remind me to enjoy as much of my high school life as I can before I’m thrown out into the adult world 😊). And also, thank you so much for featuring my post on Diann — that means so, so much to me, thank you! ❤️

    1. Thank you Zoei! Your comment is always well written and truly makes me happy! Yep. I did get myself a binder from Muji, not one but two lol. I realised that it’s far easier to organize.

      Enjoy high school and college as much as you can!

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