Recap Post | Birthdays, Ramadan and Working From Home

Hi everyone! It’s May which means a good time to write a recap post *in bullet points style* on what happened in March and April.

Bath Body Works Marshmallow Candle

This Marshmallow candle from Bath Body Work smells so good. My room smells like a candy store.


  • I started working from home. and it was frustrating to do your work at home when your internet connection is bad. I miss Japan’s internet speed. T_T

Breakfast while working from home

One of my breakfast cooked by my sister

  • Thankfully, working from home is not so bad. I live with my family so I don’t have to cook in weekdays (Tehee) and if no one cook, I can just order FoodPanda or Grab Food. My food satisfaction level is high in Malaysia. #bless

Domino’s Pizza and KFC Fried Chicken! Yummy!

  • On the blog:


Ramadan Journal Calaqisya

  • Started fasting. Decided to write my Ramadan journal but who am I kidding? I’m lazy at journaling but at least the free planner from Calaqisya looks good. Speaking about Calaqisya has you guys seen their Eid outfits? I bought Stellar Printed Kurong for Eid because I think it would make me looks slimmer. LOL.

recap post; stellar printed kurong

  • New books! 2 books from Teme Abdullah and rewitten Takdir trilogy by Hilal Asraf. Can’t wait to read them!
  • Celebrated my mum, dad and brother’s birthday. Technically my dad and brother’s birthday are in May but I’m not going to write a recap post in May so yeah.
  • I started a YouTube channel which is pretty awesome because YouTube-ing is a whole different game from blogging. You can found me here.
  • I signed up for Mandarin class again! The good thing is that the class is conducted online even after the lock-down period is over.

Recap post; Learning Chinese

  • One the blog:
  • I reached a 1million impression views on Pinterest. Impression honestly doesn’t matter much as my click rate is pretty mediocre but I’m trying to increase it by making better pins and putting an effort into keyword research. and I think it works. Thanks to lockdown, my stats has been increasing as most people is doing online classes and working at home.

1 million views on Pinterest

So how was everyone? Any recap post to share with me? Got new progress or happy news to share? And for my Muslim friends, do you guys buy any outfit for Eid?

  1. It turned out I have baju raya this year because my mom bought the kain beforeeeee MCO. So she sew em this Ramadan.

    1. Wow! We bought the kain for Raya already but the tukang jahit hasn’t finished sewing it yet T_T. None of us can sew lol.

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