2019 In Bullet Points | Leaving Japan, New Life Etc.

2019 in bullet points
Photo by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.com

I hope it’s not too late to say Happy New Year to all of you! I just got back from my trip to Seoul which means a new post on a complete Seoul guide and itinerary for my next post *wink*. For now, as 2019 has ended this Tuesday, I present to you my 2019 reflection, challenges and accomplishments in bullet points because I’m lazy to write a full post.

2019 In Bullet Points

Leaving Japan, New Life Etc.


  • Back to Malaysia for winter break
  • Working in Japan motivation went down
  • Meet with Syaf’s cute baby

Syaf baby Shin

  • My apartment at night during winter season

My apartment in winter


  • Start to learn taking flat lay photos
  • Books clean up

Cleaning my bookshelves



  • Training at Shinjuku branch – reflecting on my current job

View from my office

A view from my office


  • Trip to Camii Mosque for tarawih prayer during Ramadan

My Ramadan Experience In Japan Plus Fasting Tips For Newbies; Mosque Camii Tokyo

  • Reunion with Kyushu girls at sushi (training)

Salmon sushi with mayonnaise on top


my experience celebrating Eid in Japan

  • Training again at Kawagoe
  • New Varmilo keyboard

Varmilo VA73M Mac JIS Keyboard


  • Stationary haul


Sunflower Trip Photo Diary

  • Send my resignation letter
  • Prepare to move back to Malaysia


  • Parents come to Tokyo
  • Travelling around Tokyo
  • Food hunting
  • Last day at my neighbourhood

My neighborhood


  • Learn to drive
  • Attending a friend’s wedding feat reunion with high school mates
  • Food hunting
  • Playing with the babies
  • 100th post-Japan planner giveaway!

Japan planner giveaway


My cute reading nook feat BTS BT21 toys


New Keyboard

BBW Book Haul

  • Food hunting
  • Company dinner at IOI Mall
  • Trip to Seoul

And that’s a wrap. How was everyone’s 2019?


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